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Kellie Smith, Licensed Massage Therapist


"Kellie has been my Massage Therapist for 8 years. My life wouldn't be the same without the therapeutic relief from her massages. Having had previous back surgeries with hardware, I'm unable to work many of my back muscles. Kellie's massages work the muscles I cannot, but more importantly, relieves the tightness of the those I overwork. I highly recommend Kellie to all in need of massage!"

Joanna F. - Littleton, CO


"After each massage with Kellie, I feel rejuvenated and full of energy. She really listens as to what areas I’d like worked on  and what problems I’m having and does a great job addressing those. She has the strength to go as deep as I’d like, but the knowledge and finesse to know when and where to use that strength. The last few sessions have made a huge difference in my upper back and neck, where I’ve been having some tightness and pain. Her skills and knowledge have made a huge difference in my recovery. Anytime anyone mentions that they’d like a massage I highly recommend Kellie to them. Her relaxed and friendly, caring attitude makes the experience extremely comfortable and stress-relieving."

Ryan P. - Littleton, CO


"I first booked a massage with Kellie because I was getting tension headaches from years of poor posture and a desk job that finally caught up with me. She understood I was in pain. Kellie's specialty is deep tissue massage, but she's constantly able to adjust her technique based on non-verbal feedback from her clients. I walked out of Kellie's place feeling so much better. I returned to my desk job with my head held high. Kellie's care, combined with some chiropractic care, was able to return me to tip top shape in a matter of days. My headaches are gone, and I'm working on my posture. When life inevitably catches up with me again, I will visit Kellie, because I know she will put me back into shape! Thanks Kellie!"  

Mykal L. - Golden, CO


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