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Kellie Smith, Licensed Massage Therapist

Post Massage Tips

Drink plenty of water immediately after your massage therapy session, and for the next few hours to assist in the flushing of toxins that have been released during the opening up of your tissues.

Some of the sensations you may experience after receiving a massage:

    • An increased awareness of areas of tension or pain in the parts of the body that have been worked on extensively.

    • A sense of sluggishness/lethargy or soreness similar to the way you feel after a good workout.

    • Possibility of feeling like you're getting a cold/illness for a day or two after treatment. This is your body's immune system dealing with the toxins released in massage. Drink water!

These responses can all be a result of a new sensibility in your body and a sign that you are being proactive with your health in order to achieve better balance.

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